Discounted Insurance for Veterans

Veterans have risked their very lives to keep our country free. As a result, who better than our veterans to earn a discount when it comes to their home and auto insurance needs? Thankfully, there are many types of insurance discounts available for those who have fought so bravely to keep America safe.

Motor Vehicle / Auto Insurance Discounts:

This type of benefit entitles veterans to receive premium discounts on vehicles, such as sports bikes, motorcycles and cars. Some insurance companies are able to provide a discount of up to 20 percent off a veteran’s premium for vehicle coverage. Although minimum auto insurance is required in most states, it is a good idea to acquire more coverage than the minimum required when possible. Thankfully, due to the discount offered to veterans, they should be able to afford a plan that covers everything from bumper to bumper.

Home Insurance Discounts

In addition to discounts on motor vehicle insurance, many insurance companies will also discount a veteran’s home owner’s insurance policy. As a result, many veterans who have little to no coverage on their homes currently can acquire the protection for their homes that they deserve. An adequate home owner’s plan will provide enough coverage to replace the home that is covered, along with all the treasured mementos that lie within. It is a good idea to ask for additional coverage for specific items of value, such as collectibles, jewelry and the like.

Combining the Plans:

As is the case with many insurance bundles, veterans are often eligible for even more savings if they combine their home and auto policies by purchasing them through the same agency. Veterans who are attempting to find the best deal should explore this option when pricing plans, as it oftentimes will make already affordable plans even less strenuous.

If you have served in the military at any point during your lifetime, it is worth asking our office about possible military veteran’s benefits. After all, we want to reward those who have worked so hard to keep us safe. Therefore, a simple discount is the least we can do.   Call Waitte’s Insurance Agency today at (860) 886-1961 to inquire about further discounts for our nations heroes.

Teen Driving Insurance in Connecticut

Before your newly permitted or licensed teen gets behind the wheel of their car make sure they have car insurance. Teen driving insurance in Connecticut is necessary and practical. Insurance is an expense, but there are tips to follow to help keep the price down without sacrificing coverage.

Insurance Needs for a Driver’s Permit

When your teenager secures their driver’s permit get in touch with your insurance agent to confirm whether or not they need a policy. Typically, permitted drivers are covered by the policy already in place on the vehicle they are driving. For instance, if your teen practices driving using your car with you present, they would be covered by your policy. Double check to make sure, so everything is set and everyone has the proper coverage.

Driver’s Education

Many insurance companies offer a discount to teens who have completed driver’s ed. Some insurers even offer their own advanced driving training program that may provide an additional discount, so ask. This extra training provides experience and instills responsibility while also saving money.

Choose the Right Car

Insurance premiums are based on the type and age of the car. Finding the right car takes work. Ideally, you want something new enough to be safe and dependable, but old enough to lock in a lower insurance rate. Sports cars and SUVs are often quoted higher rates, so a sedan is usually the best bet in terms of paying an affordable rate. This may not align with what your teen had in mind, but explain why this is the responsible decision.

Consider the Safety Features of a Car

Built-in safety features will give you peace of mind, but can also lower teen driving insurance in Connecticut. Cars with anti-lock brakes, daytime running lights, electronic stability control and automatic seatbelts may secure a lower insurance rate. Frontal airbags are required by law, and side airbags are now standard on most vehicles. Cars equipped with additional airbags, like rear window curtain airbags or inflatable seatbelts, may qualify for additional safety discounts.

Bundle Policies

Starting a new policy is often expensive. Adding your teen driver to your existing policy will typically be cheaper since it shows you are responsible for your teen. You may secure an additional discount by having multiple car insurance policies.

Talk to Your Agent

Check with your agent to see if there are any other discounts to be had for your child’s policy. Good student discounts may be an option to keep the cost down, and possibly incentivize your child to keep their grades up.

Secure the Best Price for Teen Driving Insurance in Connecticut

Make sure your teen is prepared for the road ahead as they take off on new adventures. Proper training and the right car are just some of the ways to get the best price possible for your teenager’s car insurance.

If you have teenagers in your homecoming to drivers age and would like to discuss Driving Insurance Options.

Please contact us by clicking here.

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