Happy New Year 2022

Waitte's Insurance wishes you a Happy New Year!

Many of us have been making annual New Year’s resolutions for years, though we might not realize just how old this tradition is. The oldest record of New Year’s resolutions takes us back approximately 4000 years to celebrations of the ancient Baylonians whose new year coincided with the planting of their crops in mid-March (History.com). Their twelve-day religious festival, Akitu, included resolutions to pay any debts and return any borrowed objects, as well as reaffirming their loyalty to the current king or crowning a new one (History.com). The Babylonians believed if they kept their resolutions, “their gods would bestow favor on them for the coming year” (History.com).

Typical modern-day New Year’s resolutions involve weight loss, healthy eating, increasing exercise, or spending less money. Unfortunately, according to the New York Post, only about eight percent of people who make New Year’s resolutions actually follow through with their goals.

Why is the failure rate so high when the tradition for resolutions is so common? New York Times writer Jen Miller suggests that we may be making these resolutions for the wrong reasons, including the following three:

  • The resolution is too vague
  • There is no realistic plan for achieving the resolution
  • The resolution is based on what someone else (or society) thinks we should do (NYTimes.com)

Citing the journal Management Review, Miller suggests that what works for management can also be applied to New Year’s resolutions. The theory is that we will be more successful when we make “SMART'' resolutions--those that are specific (lose a certain number of pounds within a set time period, for example), measurable (track your progress in a journal), achievable (break your goals into realistic steps), relevant (be sure the goal is a positive step for you), and time-bound (give yourself time to reach your big goal with intermediate time-based steps along the way) (NYTimes.com).

As we look toward a new year with hopes of positive change, consider ditching the tired, typical old resolutions for something more inspiring, sustainable, and meaningful for your life: cook something new each week, read more books, join a new club, become a plant owner (check out the related article below), take the stairs (even when you’re tired), plan a vacation, drink more water, jumpstart a new career, consider therapy, volunteer, learn a new skill (or hone an old one) (GoodHousekeeping.com).

Whatever your goals, we hope 2022 is a great year for you!

GoodHousekeeping.com "30 Gorgeous Plants That Are Almost Impossible to Kill"

The magic of the holiday season is upon us!

Group of friends celebrating

The magic of the holiday season is upon us, and opportunities abound to enjoy the splendor. Here are just a few ways for you to get out and take in the magic. 

Stamford’s Holiday Stroll, an event held in Mill River Park through January 9, features a 30-foot tall Christmas tree as just one of the attractions in the Christmas village. Visitors over 21 can enjoy the holiday beer garden, and people of all ages can feel good about donating a new, unwrapped toy through December 19 as part of the Holiday Stroll Toy Drive (Stamford’s Holiday Stroll). 

The Greenwich Reindeer Festival, held through December 24, features live reindeer, visits with Santa, photo opportunities, and a variety of activities for kids including a coloring station, a letter-to-Santa writing station, a baby reindeer naming contest, and more. Dogs are welcome and may receive a doggy gift bag. In the giving spirit of the holidays, a portion of the proceeds from photos with Santa will be donated to Kids in Crisis (Greenwich Reindeer Festival). 

The Connecticut Trolley Museum in East Windsor is currently holding its annual Winterfest celebration now through December 30. Over 15,000 lights are included in the festive decorations. Dress warm and bring blankets to enjoy the trolley car ride through the “Tunnel of Lights” while singing Christmas carols with your trolley car operator. Additional activities include storytime with Santa and Elf, holiday centerpiece workshops, and photo opportunities with Santa. Tickets for activities must be purchased in advance at www.ct-trolley.org (Connecticut Office of Tourism).

The Connecticut River Museum in Essex, Connecticut, holds its 28th annual Holiday Train Show through February 20th this year. Including fully operational model trains, scavenger hunts, and special features for toddlers, this event prides itself on being “the perfect outing for train fans who are young at heart” (Connecticut Office of Tourism). 

The Magic of Lights Tour at Pratt and Whitney Stadium in East Hartford, Connecticut, offers an opportunity for a unique viewing experience featuring “favorite holiday scenes and characters of the season using the latest LED technology and digital animations” that patrons can experience without leaving the comfort of their car (Magic of Lights). This event runs through January second. 

Whatever your plans this season, we at Waitte’s Insurance Agency wish you a happy and safe holiday!

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Greenwich Reindeer Festival and Santa's Workshop
Magic of Lights
Stamford's Holiday Stroll

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