Safekeeping Tips - Vehicles & Recreational Vehicles

Safe Driving Practices For Winter Weather Conditions

The winter season is certainly a time of great merriment and celebration. The holidays offer Americans the opportunity to travel around the corner or across the country to be with friends and relatives. However, it is also a time to be even more cautious, primarily when you’re traveling in the icy winter weather conditions. According to … Read more

Knowing the Factors that Determine Your Car Insurance Premium

You may be the world’s safest driver, yet your car insurance premium rates are higher due to factors you can’t control. Is this fair? No, but it’s reality that most insurance companies use various parameters to set their rates for auto insurance. Understanding each factor that determines coverage rates in Connecticut and elsewhere can give … Read more

Essentials in Preparing Your Motorcycle for Scenic Connecticut Roads

The Winter winds are finally subsiding and the warm open road is waiting for you to get out and ride! But after leaving your ride in storage for the Winter, it’s important when preparing your motorcycle to check all of your safety equipment and review the laws and regulations to ensure your next road trip … Read more

Tying the Knot? Considerations For Your Auto Insurance Rates

Marriage is far more than the joining of two individuals into one couple. Not only are two people joining their personal lives when they marry, they are also combining their finances and expenses. Many people do not realize it, but getting married prompts many changes to their auto insurance rates? Why does marriage affect insurance rates? … Read more

Laws & Restrictions for Teenage Drivers in Connecticut

Chances are you couldn’t wait to get your driver’s license when you turned 16. However, you probably never guessed that there would be so many steps you had to take before you could get on the road, or that even after receiving your license, you still have to navigate numerous laws and restrictions until you … Read more

3 Ways Cold Temperatures Can Damage Your Car

In New England, fall is in full force; the leaves have changed colors, Thanksgiving preparations have begun, and the air is slowly getting colder and colder as winter approaches. While these changes may signal the approach of the holiday season, however, the colder weather also signifies another change: the increased danger to your car or … Read more

Own a Snowmobile in Connecticut? Here’s What You Need to Know

As December sets in, it’s just a matter of time until snowfall hits Connecticut, which means that it’s time to prepare your snowmobile and understand the laws attached to using it. Thankfully, snowmobiles can be extremely helpful and easy to use, as long as you understand the rules and restrictions that you need to follow. … Read more

Boating Season is Here! Time to De-Winterize Your Watercraft

New England residents know how long winters in the region last – and yet, it is still disappointing every year when “spring” rolls around but it’s still too cold to use your boat out on the water, or enjoy other activities outdoors. Thankfully, however, winter has lingered in Connecticut for long enough this year, and … Read more

Just a Scratch? When NOT to File an Insurance Claim

So you’ve gotten into a car accident. You’re not alone. Each year, there are around 6 million crashes in the United States, from serious, fatality accidents to what may seem to be minor, non-incidents. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, accidents in the United States cost about $230.6 billion each year — … Read more

Are Cell Phones Causing a Distracted Driving Epidemic?

We see the same story in the news almost on a daily basis now;  another traffic accident caused by distracted driving. More specifically, increasing numbers of drivers and passengers are being injured or killed due to someone driving while texting or talking on cell phones. Why is it so difficult for some to put away … Read more