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Have you ever thought of doing a home inventory? Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about all of the stuff we have in our homes, but if we stop and consider what it would be like if some of our possessions were stolen or, worse yet, if a fire or other major disaster occurred and we lost everything, we realize how valuable such documentation could be. 

Documentation could take a variety of forms, and it may be best to use a combination. First, you could just make a list of everything that you feel is valuable. Having your list in digital format, preferably stored in the cloud, makes obvious sense. Be sure to keep it in a file that will be easy to locate. 

Taking pictures as a way to document your possessions could be more helpful than just a list. Even better–consider using BOTH methods. You could also videotape your home. Walk from room to room inside and continue the video as you walk out the door and around the perimeter of your home–this proves that the items are really in your home, and you might be more likely to remember important things that could slip your mind if you are just making a list. Your video does not have to be professional quality–just good enough that the images are clearly visible. 

Consider, especially for items of significant value, adding details such as make and model numbers, purchase dates, serial numbers, receipts (if you still have them), and an estimated value. 

After you have gone through the effort of creating your documentation, being sure it is in a place you will be able to use it is worth the effort. Put it in your fireproof safe if you have one. A safety deposit box, a relative or close friend’s house, or your insurance agent if they offer storage for you are all good ideas as well. 

If you are ready to do a more thorough job or are looking for assistance to guide you through the process, consider using a home inventory app such as one found in the link below.  You can also just search “home inventory apps” and find a variety of options with reviews. Most of these apps are affordable, and some are even free. 

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