Why Connecticut Employers Need Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is a type of insurance that is a MUST for employers to purchase in order to protect themselves and their employees in the event of an on-the-job accident. The Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Act (WCA) outlines the responsibilities of Connecticut employers to provide this protection for their employees. You cannot operate a business in Connecticut without a workers’ compensation plan of some sort. But why do you need it? And what level of protection must you provide?

What Connecticut Employers Responsible For:

Workers’ compensation covers the medical care and the time off that is required for an injury that an employee incurs while at work or an illness that was the result of an insufficient working environment. This can include being exposed to a toxic substance or inadequate ventilation in the workplace that could make an employee ill and unable to continue working. A worker’s compensation policy can be obtained through an insurance company or employers can self-insure by filing their intention to do so with the WCA Commission.

A printed notice of your workers’ compensation coverage must be posted in every area that your employees work. Injury claims must also be submitted within a week to the Commission, and injury payouts made within three weeks of the incident. The Commission with then review all claims that have been submitted.

An Injury Has Occurred at My Job Site… What Happens Next?

Employers are responsible to pay for the medical care, rehabilitation and sick time required of their injured or ill employees. Out of pocket, this cost could be an exorbitant amount that could possibly even compromise the business as a whole, depending on the severity of the condition. Workers’ compensation provides a safety net that employers pay into each month, and will pay out in the event of an employee illness/injury.

There is the possibility that your employee may wish to work throughout their illness or injury, but can no longer fulfill the work requirements of the position they had when they got injured. At this point, you must continue the willing employee’s employment, but provide them with a position suitable to the work that they can perform.

For Connecticut employers, workers’ compensation is non-negotiable. It is a legal obligation for business owners to have a plan in place to protect any and all employees on their payroll.

Without a policy in place, not only are you in violation of state laws on the matter, you are also setting yourself up for financial hardship, a compromised reputation, or possibly even a lawsuit. Save yourself a headache, and cover company with a comprehensive workers’ compensation policy.

Is your business in need of coverage for you and your employees? We can provide you with a comprehensive FREE rate quote to ensure that everyone working with you and for you are taken care of in the event of an accident or illness.

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