Statute of Limitations: Filing a Workers Compensation Claim in CT

If you live and work in the state of Connecticut, you probably know that you are entitled to file for workers’ compensation if you become ill or injured while on the job and are no longer able to work. The workers’ compensation system in Connecticut provides wage replacement benefits and medical treatment to workers to ensure that they and their families are supported even if their job resulted in their injury or illness. However, what you may not know is that the time you have to file a claim is limited and that in fact, a term called the “Statute of Limitations” applies in workers’ compensation cases.

What is the Statute of Limitations?

Broadly defined, the Statute of Limitations is the time period in which you can file a claim with the state of Connecticut presenting your case for workers’ compensation benefits. After the statute expires, you can no longer request benefits because too much time has passed in between the original illness or injury and the time that you are filing the request. The statute exists to ensure that all employees are presenting fair and accurate information as to their workers’ compensation needs. In Connecticut, the Statute of Limitations is currently one year for injuries and three years for illnesses; the time begins when the injury is first sustained or when the first symptom of the illness is felt.

What should I do to file a claim?

There are several steps you must follow when filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. As long as you are within the time limits described above, you can follow this process, but it is recommended that you complete the paperwork as soon as possible to avoid issues later on. To request benefits, simply file a 30C Form with the Workers` Compensation Commission, and specifically in the District Office that corresponds to the area of the state where you live. You should concurrently file a form with your employer. After filing, wait for the commission to get back to you on the status of your benefits. If you are denied, you are entitled to an appeal that you can file with the Workers’ Compensation Commission Review Board as soon as you receive your rejection letter.

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