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First Time Buying a Motorcycle? Read This Checklist Beforehand

As winter slowly fades into spring, people are gearing up for what should be delightful weather this season in New England. It’s the type of weather that is perfect for riding a motorcycle up and down the scenic east coast. While your buddies already have theirs, you might be thinking you are overdue for buying … Read more

Considering Buying a Boat This Season? Keep These Tips in Mind

With boat season rapidly approaching, buying a boat and hitting the open water is more tempting than ever. As wonderful as the idea of going nautical sounds, (especially in Connecticut) purchasing a boat comes with a laundry list of factors to strongly consider. Much like investing in an automobile or a home, first-time boat buyers … Read more

Connecticut Seat Belt Laws & Common Misconceptions

Beautiful spring weather has finally arrived in Connecticut! With the temperatures beginning to climb, more and more people are hitting the not-so-open road. Although it is always the right time to practice road safety, with the increased number of motorists on roadways, it is even more important to be careful and vigilant. One of the easiest … Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Take Cash After a Fender Bender

If you’re sitting at a stop light and are rear-ended or are involved in a low-speed accident, you may think that the little amount of damage incurred is just not worth involving your insurance agent. It’s not uncommon for us to hear that people were offered cash to repair the damage to the car, hoping … Read more

Teen Driving Insurance in Connecticut

Before your newly permitted or licensed teen gets behind the wheel of their car make sure they have car insurance. Teen driving insurance in Connecticut is necessary and practical. Insurance is an expense, but there are tips to follow to help keep the price down without sacrificing coverage. Insurance Needs for a Driver’s Permit When … Read more