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8 Tips for Flying and Driving Trips This Summer

Summer vacation is just about here, and the fantastic weather, holiday celebrations and long weekends mean it’s time for some traveling! Whether you’re hitting the road or boarding a plane, there are a few things you can do in advance for a smooth, stress-free vacation. Flying and Driving Tips When you’re flying, you hope for … Read more

The 7 Most Serious Traffic Violations in CT.

The summer season is just kicking off, and it’s the perfect weather for road trips, hopping in the car and heading to a park, or just going on a leisurely, scenic drive. With more people on the roads, the chances are greater that motorists will commit traffic violations of all sorts. There are seven, though, that … Read more

Involved in an Accident? Take These 8 Steps Immediately After

No one expects to be in a car accident, but in the off chance that it does happen you need to be prepared. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, the following steps will help you weather the storm with as little distress as possible. Pull over If you have been involved in an … Read more

Back-to-School Preparation: 101

As we head into August, it’s time to start planning for the kids to head back to school. In order for your child to be successful in the upcoming school year, it’s imperative that they are prepared in a multitude of areas. This starts now as the back-to-school season is upon us. Here are some … Read more

Prevent a ‘Fall’ Out: Prepare Your Home for Autumn

Towards the beginning of September, people begin to notice that change is in the air. The air gets colder, the days get shorter, and the leaves begin to evolve into a kaleidoscopic splendor. The Autumn season is quickly approaching, and homeowners must take the proper precautions to ensure their home will survive the sometimes harsh weather … Read more

12 Tips to Keep Halloween Festive & Safe

A bit mystical, magical and fun, Halloween draws all kinds of kids in search of candy treats and harmless gags. Unfortunately, this popular childhood staple could run the risk of turning into a nightmare. Taking a few simple precautions can keep the excitement alive and the haunting all in fun without compromising the safety of … Read more

Fighting Connecticut Traffic Violations: Is it Worth it?

If you have ever received a traffic ticket, your first instinct may have been to fight it – after all, many people believe that the citation was unjust and that they did not deserve the harsh penalty that they received. However, roughly only 3 percent of drivers who receive traffic citations actually contest them in court, … Read more

How a Rough Winter Could Impact Your Car Insurance Premiums

Connecticut drivers aren’t strangers to driving in the snow. However, we can all use a little reminder as to what to do to properly prepare for the winter season; which can put exponential  wear and tear on your vehicle. There are a few simple precautions you can take to help your car survive the winter … Read more

Connecticut Driving Seniors: When it’s Time to Consider Giving Up the Keys

From the moment a young driver receives his or her driver’s permit and well into their adult years, the ability to drive becomes a tent-pole for independence and transportation. However, like many other factors that can begin to diminish with age, certain individuals lose the ability to drive for a number of reasons once they reach … Read more

Connecticut Personal Umbrella Insurance: What You Need to Know

Connecticut personal umbrella insurance is a safeguard that protects you from incurring unexpected expenses as the result of an accident. And while this sounds like the pitch for the auto and homeowners insurance policies that you already have, it’s actually a bit different. What Does Connecticut Personal Umbrella Insurance Cover? Consider, for a moment, that … Read more