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Connecticut Personal Umbrella Insurance: What You Need to Know

Connecticut personal umbrella insurance is a safeguard that protects you from incurring unexpected expenses as the result of an accident. And while this sounds like the pitch for the auto and homeowners insurance policies that you already have, it’s actually a bit different. What Does Connecticut Personal Umbrella Insurance Cover? Consider, for a moment, that … Read more

Prevent Flood Damage to Your Home with 6 Simple Tips

Traditionally in New England, the period of time that leaves your home the most susceptible to flood damage is during the rainy spring season. Most often in March and April, consistent downpours and minimal sunshine can create a world of problems for homeowners. But as all Connecticut locals will tell you, if you don’t like … Read more

Avoid Common, Yet Costly Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

So you say you’ve never had to file any homeowner’s insurance claims. (knock on wood!) If you fall into this category, then you’re one of the fortunate ones. However, as long as you’re aware that disasters can occur at any moment, you’re more prone to take precautions to lessen the blow whenever the need to file a … Read more

Firearm Safety in the Household

A firearm of any kind is a very serious piece of equipment. For gun owners, firearm safety should be a common sense ideology. However, the majority of gun accidents in the household occur from lack of education or not taking the proper precautions. Whether you’re already a gun owner or looking to become one, you always … Read more

Stay Cautious With These Firework Safety Tips

Between Memorial Day, Father’s Day and the 4th of July, there is a lot to celebrate in the summer months. Many of these occasions call for certain traditions, such as grilling outside with family and friends and even setting off fireworks. While fireworks are illegal in Connecticut for personal use (except for sparklers and fountains), … Read more

What’s Personal Umbrella Insurance?

What’s Personal Umbrella Insurance? Personal umbrella insurance is for people who would like to add extra liability coverage over and above another insurance policy. Usually, people get personal umbrella insurance for their auto and homeowners insurance. What Does Personal Umbrella Insurance Cover? Personal umbrella insurance is to protect people from large liability claims or judgements. … Read more

Teen Driving Insurance in Connecticut

Before your newly permitted or licensed teen gets behind the wheel of their car make sure they have car insurance. Teen driving insurance in Connecticut is necessary and practical. Insurance is an expense, but there are tips to follow to help keep the price down without sacrificing coverage. Insurance Needs for a Driver’s Permit When … Read more