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5 Tips on How to Prevent Ice Dams

When you have snow on your roof, it should melt gradually and drain into your gutters. If you have ice dams, though, melted snow isn’t able to drain properly. Ice dams form when parts of your roof near the top are warmer than the rest, causing snow in those areas to melt faster. Melted snow … Read more

Valentine’s Day Gifts: Are Your Valuables Protected?

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year, and if you’re in a relationship then it’s probably a day that you can expect a great gift from your special someone.  In fact, Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for getting engaged.  If you’re already married, then … Read more

Online Safety: Identity Theft Protection With 8 Simple Tips

In the technological world we live in today, the dangers of identity theft are all too real. As it becomes easier to purchase items and services online, as well as check bank accounts, conduct business, and pay taxes, it also becomes easier for hackers to steal your identity and use it for their own benefit. … Read more

Our Warming World: How YOU Can Help Reverse Climate Change

Climate change is an issue that often seems far away. We always hear about melting ice caps and rising sea levels, but few people realize that it is a pressing issue around the entire world. The winter of 2015-2016 tied as the hottest year on record for Connecticut, with an average temperature of 35.2 degrees … Read more

Back-to-School Preparation: 101

As we head into August, it’s time to start planning for the kids to head back to school. In order for your child to be successful in the upcoming school year, it’s imperative that they are prepared in a multitude of areas. This starts now as the back-to-school season is upon us. Here are some … Read more

8 Things to Know Before Purchasing Homeowners Insurance

Buying a home is one of the greatest decisions that you make in your life, which makes buying homeowners insurance equally as important. Having a suitable insurance policy or protection plan for your phone, computer, or other personal items is essential for covering your investment, right? So why wouldn’t you make sure that you got the … Read more

Prevent a ‘Fall’ Out: Prepare Your Home for Autumn

Towards the beginning of September, people begin to notice that change is in the air. The air gets colder, the days get shorter, and the leaves begin to evolve into a kaleidoscopic splendor. The Autumn season is quickly approaching, and homeowners must take the proper precautions to ensure their home will survive the sometimes harsh weather … Read more

12 Tips to Keep Halloween Festive & Safe

A bit mystical, magical and fun, Halloween draws all kinds of kids in search of candy treats and harmless gags. Unfortunately, this popular childhood staple could run the risk of turning into a nightmare. Taking a few simple precautions can keep the excitement alive and the haunting all in fun without compromising the safety of … Read more

Black Friday: From Origin to Modern Day Spectacle

Black Friday has something of an infamous reputation for becoming a no-holds-barred, bring-home-the-bacon, make-or-break the holiday season for many retailers and shoppers alike. From its humble beginnings as simple day-after-Thanksgiving sales to the modern day spectacle of excess it has become to many, Black Friday has consistently been the busiest shopping day of the year … Read more

Norwich CT House Insurance: Protect Your Home This Winter

With freezing cold temperatures, you need to make sure to protect your home. In addition to having Norwich CT House Insurance, you must take the necessary steps to keep your home safe and ready for winter.  Your best bet is to safeguard against the following winter complications, but in even a worst-case scenario, having proper Norwich … Read more