Welcome to Waitte’s Brief

By Edward “Jay” Waitte

Edward J Waitte with planeI have been a well-known member of the Norwich community for many years, and as far as I could tell, everybody knew I was a successful businessman, the head of a local insurance agency, and a former United States Air Force officer.

Well, imagine my shock when one of my clients approached me one day and asked, “Someone told me you were in the Air Force. What was that all about?”

Suddenly, I realized that not only did people NOT know that I had been in the Air Force.…

…but I had been a fighter pilot….

…and I had retired as a Brigadier General-CT in the Connecticut National Guard.

Now, I’m a pretty humble guy.  But it seemed like I was leaving something off the table when I was talking about myself. After all, with all humility, we’re talking about some 40 years of my life.

So, my friends suggested I open up a little.

Occasionally, over the next few months, I’d like to tell a little bit more about myself. Somebody said that I should call this “Waitte’s Brief.” Let’s just say it’ll be a few snippets about my life as a pilot in the Air Force and Connecticut Air National Guard, and as a dedicated owner of the Waitte’s Insurance agency. I’ll also discuss the whole idea of personal and commercial insurance.

I’m not suggesting that you tell your friends to tune in… but…you know….

I’ll be talking to you soon.