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Serving the area for over 100 years
Waitte's Insurance Agency
Serving the area for over 100 years

Norwich CT House Insurance: Protect Your Home This Winter

Norwich CT House InsuranceWith freezing cold temperatures, you need to make sure to protect your home. In addition to having Norwich CT House Insurance, you must take the necessary steps to keep your home safe and ready for winter.  Your best bet is to safeguard against the following winter complications, but in even a worst-case scenario, having proper Norwich CT house insurance will lessen any stressful situation that may arise.

Here are some common winter problems and how to protect against them to keep your Norwich CT House Insurance rates as low as possible.


Frozen Pipes:

Pipes that freeze can crack from expanding ice, creating a world of complications for your plumbing. One way to prevent frozen pipes is to fully insulate them with foam insulation. If insulation is not updated or even plausible for your home, schedule regular inspections of all pipes during the winter months.

Cold Internal Temperature:

Heat always finds a way to escape from your home in wintertime. Proper insulation is the best defense against this from happening. Updated weather stripping around areas that allow cold air in will also help to avoid having to crank up your thermostat.

Roof Damage:

Snow and fallen tree branches can be detrimental to your roof. Weak tree branches over your home that accumulate heavy amounts of snow are likely to crack and fall onto your roof, causing leaks or even collapses. This can become a nightmare in regards to your Norwich CT house insurance premium. Trim branches hanging over your roof and always clear your roof of snow immediately after a storm. Snow that lingers on a roof for too long can turn into ice, making it increasingly difficult to remove later.


Strong storms can strip the paint on your house. Make sure to use weather-resistant paint to keep it looking fresh all year long. If you plan on putting your house on the market in the future, weathered paint can be a major deterrent for potential buyers.

Damage to the Landscape:

Winter storms can kill plants and knock over unsteady trees. Bring any potted plants that you wish to keep throughout the winter inside to save them from cold temperatures. Surround and cover additional outdoor plants or gardens with mulch so they are not extensively damaged by frost. You may also want to consider laying down a wintertime fertilizer onto your lawn to ensure your grass returns greener than ever come spring.

Formation of Ice Dams:

Ice dams can easily form when the parts of your roof near the top are warmer than the rest of it. The snow in these areas will melt faster and then refreeze toward the eaves. Invest in a roof rake to get rid of the snow before this can happen. Also,  keep downspouts clear of debris. Adding attic insulation will keep heated air from getting to the roof through the attic.

Long-time New Englanders know the trials of up-keeping their home during the bitter winter months. With these simple precautionary measures, you can avoid a stressful ‘brain-freeze’ and keep your Norwich CT house insurance at a low, affordable rate. Are you due for a homeowners insurance review or wish to compare your current rates?

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Connecticut Driving Seniors: When it’s Time to Consider Giving Up the Keys

Connecticut Driving SeniorsFrom the moment a young driver receives his or her driver’s permit and well into their adult years, the ability to drive becomes a tent-pole for independence and transportation. However, like many other factors that can begin to diminish with age, certain individuals lose the ability to drive for a number of reasons once they reach senior citizen status. It is important for Connecticut driving seniors to stay sharp and identify when they might start having difficulty operating a motor vehicle. While it may not be ideal, certain seniors may need to make the decision to turn over their car keys indefinitely for the safety of themselves and other motorists on the road.

Is Age a Concern?

Road safety for driving senior citizens is crucial for keeping drivers from incident and injury. On average, individuals begin to lose some of their mental clarity and reflexes which enable safe driving around age 65, with a notable increase of fatal accidents happening between ages 70 and 74.

Though age may not indicate everything about your driving ability and individual skills, these numbers are alarming and should be an indicator of when someone should begin running through personal auto safety checklists. Ask yourself or your aging loved ones about recent traffic violations, near misses and other driving difficulties. If you notice an increase in any of these factors, you may need to re-evaluate your ability to drive safely.

What Health Factors May Impact Driving?

Health factors that crop up with age are considered one of the main causes behind a senior citizen’s reduced driving safety. Vision and hearing impairments are leading causes of reduced driver safety. These declines can cause serious challenges for Connecticut driving seniors who must pay attention to many moving components, including on-dash indicators like the speedometer and pedestrian activity on the side of the road.

If you fear that your age or the age of a family member has negatively affected the ability to drive or obey traffic laws, there are ways to combat some of the factors working against you.

How Connecticut Driving Seniors Can Keep Their Keys:

First, consult your doctor for a physical examination and get a visual exam, as well. These appointments are preventative measures to rule out serious health problems that can not only inhibit your driving abilities but may be a sign of illnesses. In some states, regular doctor’s notes regarding your capacity for safe vehicle operation are required in order to renew your driver’s license. This is not, however, a requirement in the state of Connecticut.

You can also employ some healthy living measures, like light physical exercise and good sleep habits to help you be more and alert throughout the day and on the road. Regular exercise with strength training and stretching can improve flexibility and provide the quicker reflexes that are required behind the wheel. Driving during good road conditions and when the sun is shining may also help you to feel more confident behind the wheel.

For Connecticut driving seniors, the life-impacting decision to turn over your car keys is definitely not an easy one, but there is no shame in it! For the overall safety of all parties involved on the roadways, it will provide peace-of-mind to stay realistic about one’s abilities. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a medical professional for you or a loved one if you fear they are no long able to drive on their own.

To all Connecticut driving seniors, or enthusiastic teens ready to hit the road for the first time, ALWAYS make sure that you are properly insured!

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