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Serving the area for over 100 years
Waitte's Insurance Agency
Serving the area for over 100 years

Summertime Safety: Keeping Your Campfires Under Control

CampfiresSummer days lead to cool nights that are perfect for cozying up to a warm fire with your family and friends. The smell of s’mores is in the air, and some of you may even be roasting your marshmallows the old fashioned way – on a stick. There is nothing more relaxing than hearing the crackle of firewood and the sound of laughter as you look up at the stars. There is also nothing more terrifying than a fire that has become unruly or is emitting noxious gasses due to the materials that are being burned.

First and foremost, there are several guidelines that the city of Norwich has put together to regulate the types of fires that are lit in its residents’ backyards. The following are a few of these guidelines:

-You do not need a permit for: Small cooking fires, campfires, bonfires that do not threaten to create a forest fire, fires for training or construction purposes.

-Your fire is considered safe it is can be contained/maintained, does not emit a foul odor or generate an unusual abundance of smoke.

-You will need a permit to burn large amounts of brush.

As you can see, you are legally allowed to have a fire in your backyard, toast your marshmallows and sing campfire songs with your loved ones without needing to submit a permit. However, this does not mean that small campfires do not pose threats. To keep yourself, your family, and your friends safe this summer, here are a few tips:

-Set up your fire pit at least 15 feet away from your home or any other structure – be even more careful if there are winds.

-Be sure to clear the ground around your fire pit of dry leaves or twigs. This will make your fire less likely to spread.

-When starting a fire, it is important to use proper materials. If your firewood is completely dry, it should catch quickly. If you are having trouble starting your fire and want to use other types of kindling, like paper, make sure that it is secured inside a nest of wood so that hot ash cannot escape freely. Secondly, try to avoid using lighter fluid or gasoline to start your fire. You can purchase or create DIY fire starters that are safe and easy to use.

-While you are enjoying your campfire, be sure to keep foreign objects out of it. It is common to feel the urge to throw an object into the fire, but some objects can and do explode when heated. To be safe, it is better to fight the urge to experiment than to burn your guests or yourself.

If you do end up having an accident at your next backyard get-together, or are wondering how to get coverage just in case something does happen, feel free to contact Waitte’s Insurance Agency for all of your insurance inquiries.

Tying the Knot? Considerations For Your Auto Insurance Rates

Insurance ratesMarriage is far more than the joining of two individuals into one couple. Not only are two people joining their personal lives when they marry, they are also combining their finances and expenses. Many people do not realize it, but getting married prompts many changes to their auto insurance rates?

Why does marriage affect insurance rates?

Insurance companies base their rates on data that results from lots of research. Insurance companies have found certain groups of people tend to be higher risks. These groups have higher insurance premiums. Conversely, groups that are less likely to have accidents have lower premiums. Married people fall into this group, so getting married will lower your car insurance costs.

Combining policies

Once a couple gets married they can choose to either combine policies or keep their policies separate. It is not always better to combine policies. If one of the spouses falls into one of the following categories, it is better to keep separate policies:

–       Having several accidents or a poor driving record

–       Driving a model that is pricey to insure

–       Driving a valuable or classic car

–       Traveling many more miles a day/month than the other spouse


In situations where roommates are not married but will be using each other’s cars, it is necessary to list every licensed driver of the vehicle on the policy. It must be understood that this situation may increase the rate of the premium. If any driver is excluded from the policy, they may not drive the insured vehicle. If the vehicle is driven by an excluded individual and there is an accident, the damage will likely not be covered by the policy.

Multiple vehicle discounts

Married couples should always consider a multiple-vehicle discount if there is more than one car for the household. This type of insurance offers the same coverage but will usually cost less than insuring the cars separately. To be eligible for this type of discount, all vehicles must be insured with the same company and under the same policyholder’s name.

Car insurance after divorce

Just as car insurance changes when couples marry, they change with divorce as well. When a couple decides to go their separate ways, the party whose name is on the policy must remove the other name from it. It is also important to let the insurance company know about the following changes that may affect auto insurance rates:

–       Address

–       Financial situation

–       Household members

–       Mileage driven

Although car insurance is something most people do not think about until they need it, it does need some serious consideration when marital status is changed. If your living situation has changed in any way and you need to update your auto insurance, please contact Waitte’s Insurance Agency. We will be happy to help you!