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Waitte's Insurance Agency
Serving the area for over 100 years
Waitte's Insurance Agency
Serving the area for over 100 years
Waitte's Insurance Agency
Serving the area for over 100 years

Discounted Insurance for Veterans

VeteransVeterans have risked their very lives to keep our country free. As a result, who better than our veterans to earn a discount when it comes to their home and auto insurance needs? Thankfully, there are many types of insurance discounts available for those who have fought so bravely to keep America safe.

Motor Vehicle / Auto Insurance Discounts:

This type of benefit entitles veterans to receive premium discounts on vehicles, such as sports bikes, motorcycles and cars. Some insurance companies are able to provide a discount of up to 20 percent off a veteran’s premium for vehicle coverage. Although minimum auto insurance is required in most states, it is a good idea to acquire more coverage than the minimum required when possible. Thankfully, due to the discount offered to veterans, they should be able to afford a plan that covers everything from bumper to bumper.

Home Insurance Discounts

In addition to discounts on motor vehicle insurance, many insurance companies will also discount a veteran’s home owner’s insurance policy. As a result, many veterans who have little to no coverage on their homes currently can acquire the protection for their homes that they deserve. An adequate home owner’s plan will provide enough coverage to replace the home that is covered, along with all the treasured mementos that lie within. It is a good idea to ask for additional coverage for specific items of value, such as collectibles, jewelry and the like.

Combining the Plans:

As is the case with many insurance bundles, veterans are often eligible for even more savings if they combine their home and auto policies by purchasing them through the same agency. Veterans who are attempting to find the best deal should explore this option when pricing plans, as it oftentimes will make already affordable plans even less strenuous.

If you have served in the military at any point during your lifetime, it is worth asking our office about possible military veteran’s benefits. After all, we want to reward those who have worked so hard to keep us safe. Therefore, a simple discount is the least we can do.   Call Waitte’s Insurance Agency today at (860) 886-1961 to inquire about further discounts for our nations heroes.

Shopping for Individual Health Insurance in CT

Shopping for health insuranceHaving health coverage helps you save a considerable amount of money on medical bills. If your employer doesn’t offer any health insurance plans or if your plan doesn’t include your spouse or dependents, you’ll have to do some shopping on your own to find individual health insurance or family medical insurance in Norwich, Connecticut.

When you’re comparing health insurance plans, it’s important to determine what type of coverage you need. Some common options you’ll find in CT include the following.

Individual Health Insurance and Family Medical Insurance

These health insurance plans are mainly for those who aren’t able to sign up for health coverage through their employer, those who are self-employed, or those who need to find coverage for spouses or dependents who aren’t covered through their employer’s group plan. Individual and family plans also benefit those who want to find coverage with lower premiums or those who need a plan that offers better coverage for their medical needs.

Short Term Medical Insurance

Short-term medical insurance provides health coverage for a certain amount of time, which can range from one month to one year. Those who typically benefit from this type of coverage are those who are waiting for a group plan to go into effect and those who are currently unemployed but looking for work; such as recent college graduates and those who are between jobs.

Health Discount Cards

These cards aren’t meant to replace health coverage. Instead, they provide discounts on prescriptions and certain medical services. They are sometimes used to supplement coverage for those on plans that have high deductibles for prescriptions or other medical services.

Health Savings Accounts

HSAs are savings accounts that can be used to save for retirement and pay for medical services. They’re paired with certain high-deductible health plans. Those with an HSA can use pre-tax dollars for eligible medical expenses, deduct all of their HSA contributions on their taxable income and save HSA money tax-free.

Finding the right health insurance in Connecticut can be difficult if you’re not sure what to look for. Call Waitte’s Insurance Agency, Inc. today at (860) 886-1961 to discuss the types of individual health plans that are available, and what works best for you and your family.